Star of the Sea Marlborough

Star of the Sea Marlborough
(Te Whetu O Te Moana)

Office will be closed 24th-26th Dec

Jan 31st Dec-13th

re-open on 14th January 2019 

For booking enquires call Lex on 027 438 3157 

Christmas Masses in

Marlborough Catholic Churches 2018

(Revised 24.10.2018)


Dec 22: 4th Sunday of Advent

5pm at Blenheim                         Julian


Dec 23: 4th Sunday of Advent

8am @ Seddon                           Julian

9am @ Picton                              Pat

9.30am @ Kaikoura                     John

10am @ Blenheim                       Julian

11am @ Havelock                        Pat


Dec 24: Christmas Eve (Mon)

4pm at Havelock                         Julian

6pm at Seddon/Ward                   John

6pm at Blenheim                         Julian

7.30 at Kaikoura (Carols 7pm)        Pat

9pm at Blenheim (Carols 8.30pm)  John

9pm at Picton (Carols 8.30pm)      Julian


Dec 25: Christmas Day (Tues)

9am at Blenheim                         John

9am at Picton                             Julian

9.30am at Kaikoura                     Pat


Dec 29: (Sat)

5pm @ Blenheim                         Pat


Dec 30:  (Sun)

8am @ Seddon (W&C)               

9am @ Picton                             Pat

9.30am @ Kaikoura                     John

10am @ Blenheim (W&C)           

11am@ Havelock                         Pat


Jan 1:  (Tues)

9am at Picton                             Pat

9.30am at Kaikoura                     John

               10am at Blenheim                      Denis