Star of the Sea Marlborough

Star of the Sea Marlborough
(Te Whetu O Te Moana)


 Great news,there will be Mass this weekend. Blenheim will be 5pm Saturday, 10am & 4pm Sunday. Seddon - 8am, Kaikoura - 9.30am. Word & Communionat 9am in Picton and Havelock remains closed for another week. Please allow extra time before Mass for contact tracing, hand sanitising and seating. And there will also be a few other changes during the Mass itself and this will be explained before it starts. There will be more information in the newsletter.

                                               When a priest is not available,

 Word & Communion will be led by parishioners.  




61 Maxwell Rd   


Tues: 9.30am Mass 


Wed: 12.05pm Mass 


Thurs: 9.30am Mass

(except 1st Thurs of the month-10.30am Bethsaida-Litchfield Street)   




11am Adoration 


11.30 Reconciliation 


12.05pm Mass 


Sat: 9.30am Mass 


Reconciliation to follow 


Sat: 5pm Mass 


Sun: 10am Mass 


(2nd & 5th Sunday -Word & Communion)    




15 Lawrence Street  


Sunday: 11am 


(4th Sunday -Word & Communion)   




Grays Lane  


Tues: 9.30am 


Wed: 9.30am 


Wed: 7pm Rosary 


Thurs: 5.15pm 


Fri: 9.30am 


Sun: 9.30am 


(1st & 3rd Sunday - Word & Communion)    





Room 3, St Joseph's school (behind St Joseph's Church)

5 Otago Street


Wed: 9am Mass 


Sun: 9am Mass 


(4th Sunday -Word & Communion)   




1 Clyde Street 


3rd Sunday 5pm Mass 





15 Foster Street 


Sun: 8am Mass 


(2nd & 5th Sunday -Word & Communion)   


St Peter's, corner of Duncan & Carroll Streets 

Sun:  4pm Mass

( 4th Sunday of the month) 





Thurs: Rest Homes

2nd Seaview (Picton)

 3rd Springlands (Blenheim) 

4th Ashwood Park (Blenheim)







May be celebrated      

during weekend Mass, or at other times. 

Please contact the Parish Office to arrange.


Marriages can be celebrated in all our Churches. Please

contact the Parish Office well in advance.