Star of the Sea Marlborough

Star of the Sea Marlborough
(Te Whetu O Te Moana)

 When a priest is not available, Word & Communion will be led by parishioners. For up-to-date information regarding Mass times, please check the Parish Newsletter.

Mass Schedules at Covid Traffic Light System for

Our Lady Star of the Sea

Commencing Friday 3rd December 2021

 at the Red Setting

All Masses/Word & Communion Services will be Registered Masses (Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated). YOU MUST REGISTER as there is a limit in the number of people for these masses. Sign up on the clipboard in our church foyer

 Regular Weekend services do not need registrations and can be unlimited numbers, you must have your Vaccine Pass. 

 If you don’t have a pass, you can register online at: 

My Vaccine Pass | Unite against COVID-19 ( or 

Phone: 0800 222 478 

Special services on Sunday at 5PM both in Blenheim and Kaikoura requires registration. (Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated). 

New link for Mass Registration  for Blenheim 5pm Sunday. This link is open from 9am Wed—12noon Friday.

Go to “Mass Registration” on the Archdiocesan website’s homepage

Choose your parish from the drop-down menu, and then the Mass you wish to attend. 

You will see how many spaces are available for the Mass you have selected. You will see a red error message if no spaces are available.

If space is available, provide your name and contact details. You can register for an individual, a couple or a group.  

Click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email.

If space is not available for the Mass you have chosen you can check numbers for other Masses in your parish. 

 Reminder: Please continue to wear your Masks at all times, sign in with the

 QR code and sanitise. 

 If the traffic light system changes to either Red or Green, this will only affect numbers for the Registered Masses.

 Please remember to be kind, gentle and patient, as we are all in this together.

 Reconciliation is by appointment only

Blenheim   61 Maxwell Rd   

Tues: 9.30am Mass 

Wed: 12.05pm Mass 

         5.30pm Rosary ph. 572 9067 for venue

Thurs: 9.30am Mass

(except 1st Thurs of the month-10.45am Bethsaida, Litchfield Street, Blenheim - ON HOLD TILL FURTHER NOTICE)  

Friday 11am Exposition

          11.30 Reconciliation by appointment

          12.05pm Mass (this mass requires registration, sign up sheet in the Foyer of the church )

Sat: 9.30am Mass 

        Reconciliation to follow by appointment

Sat: 5pm Mass 

Sun: 10am Mass 

(2nd & 5th Sunday -Word & Communion)  

       5pm Mass/W&C without a Vaccine pass (registration required)

From 27TH DECEMBER 2021 BHM WEEKDAY MASSES WILL BE 9AM TUES- Friday AND 9.30AM SATURDAY until the end of January 2022

Kaikoura   Gray's Lane  

Tues: 9.30am W&C

Wed: 9.30am W&C

Wed: 7pm Rosary 

Thurs:11am Scripture group

         5.15pm W&C

Fri: 9.30am W&C

Sun: 9.30am 

(1st & 3rd Sunday - Word & Communion)    

     5pm Mass/W&C without a vaccine pass ( registration required)

Picton   Room 3, St Joseph's School (behind St Joseph's Church)

              5 Otago Street

Mon: Adoration 4-5pm

Wed: 9am Mass

     Exposition & Reconciliation (by appointment): 9.30-10.30am

Sun: 9am Mass 

(4th Sunday -Word & Communion)   


 Seddon   15 Foster Street 

Sun: 8am Mass  

(2nd & 5th Sunday -Word & Communion)  


Thurs: Rest Homes

1st  Bethsaida, Litchfield Street, Blenheim 10.45am (on hold)

2nd Aberleigh (Blenheim)

3rd Springlands (Blenheim) 

4th Ashwood Park (Blenheim)


May be celebrated during weekend Mass, or at other times. 

Please contact the Parish Office to arrange.


Marriages can be celebrated in all our Churches. Please
contact the Parish Office well in advance.